Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sharpe and alphas

It's all about Sharpe-ratios and alphas today. I'm writing my thesis in finance, and more specifically in portfolio management. For you, dear diary who doesn't know what these thing are, Sharpe and alpha are performance measurements for investment portfolios and individual securities respectively.

It's really fun actually 'cause it's rather mathematical, but yet not too difficult.

Should probably be going back to my text now... just wanted to let you know ;)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's so hard

It's so hard to get up sometime. When you have been working hard, and just feel like you have to and need to sleep. But you still would need to get up to fix the things you just have to take care of during that day.

So what do you do...You bite the grass and say I WILL do this...and then you just move on...

Monday, August 6, 2007

People with excess cash party hard

So, me and my wife (she´ll probably write about it on her blog as well...) went to a co-worker's/co-student's birthday party last Saturday. He has a special...style. Don't get me wrong 'cause he's really nice, but he's got a special taste in both music and money-spending.

His taste in music e.g. It isn't really retro, it's more like the original'n not the imitation. He loves 70's and 80's LP-records with really odd bands and quite terrible music if I may say so myself.

We left after a couple of hours since we were going to get up early the next morning, and the rest of the group went out to a bar after a while. I met him at work today and he was quite wasted.

The rest of the gang, a lot of people who also are my friends from school, as I said, went out to a bar...where they bought a champagne bottle each (and not a small one either) and poured champagne over each other while dancing on top of the tables. They weren't kicked out, as you'd normally be, since they were quite good customers. About 15 times 70 euros per bottle makes quite a lot of revenues for the bar. So no wonder they weren't kicked out.The birthday-boy spent about 150 euros that night he said, while a friend of his blew about 300. Another guy had to leave after a while 'cause he couldn't stand up straight. I heard it took about 4 hours for him to get home.

Some of these people have just finished studying or are about to finish sooner or later, and they have all landed highly demanding and VERY rewarding full-time jobs or summer-jobs, both in terms of future career possibilities and cash (not to be forgotten). They all work at places where you're expected to give it your best every day and where you're expected to work 14-16 hours a day, sometimes (usually) week-ends too. The job pays for your food, taxi-journeys to and from work and sometimes pays a cleaning company to clean your apartment and to do your laundry. These people are really smart, ambitious and sharp, and obviously live alone. Thus, they have cash like grass, and they keep getting more. A stupid way to spend it anyway, they could buy me an iPod for 150 euros instead of wasting it on liquor.

I guess the saying's right then: If you work hard you play hard!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Lakewood church, Huston, Texas

Wow you know!

I started subscribing to a Podcast from Lakewood church in Huston, Texas the other day. Lakewood's a growing Christian church in the southern US and when you visit their webpage you just go blank. Look at www.joelosteen.com. It's HUGE. The church has expanded so much that in 2003 they bought the Huston Rocket's (NBA basketball-team) arena holding 16000 seats. And it's packed at every sermon! I probably don't have to mention it's the largest church in the US...Of course it's american with 'we love you' all the time, but somehow I think it's just a cultural thing that we're not used to here in Scandinavia.

It really seems to be a WELL FUNCTIONING and GROWING church. The thing with me is that I sometimes draw conclusions too fast, and say everything's great, and then someone usually has to draw me back down to earth. But this ministry, it seems so alive and preaching's really good and inspiring too :)

If youv've got iTunes look it up under the Podcast section. Or, if you register at www.joelosteen.com you can subscribe to Podcasts or look at sermons through streaming video right there at your computer. For free.

Check it out and be inspired by it!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Wow..just went from 400+ e-mails in my inbox to 14. Did some sorting and mapping

I just love Mail in OS X :0)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


...some of them can be really nice while some of them can be SO frustrating. Our neighbor just above us plays music almost constantly and the bass is terribly loud! I've knocked on his door a few times asking him to turn it down, as has my wife. First he agreed to no music after 10 p.m.

Fine, everything's well..so we thought.

He starts playing loudly during the day instead (which is a lot better than playing at 3 a.m. but still) so e.g. on Sundays you can hear his beats all day long if you wish..

I got tired of it today and went up to speak to him. Well, he was as kind and nice as he always is, and was very happy that I came to tell him it was too loud. He said no-one had lived beneath him for about 8 years so he'd grown accustomed to playing loud music and not really taking his neighbors into consideration (No-one else complains... funny...).

Anyway, he promised to lower the volume during the day as well.

As if!!

It's 1 a.m. and he's still at it! Yes, it's a bit less loud than previously, to his credit, but you really shouldn't play music in the middle of the night so your neighbors can here it.

So, the question remains, what am I doing up blogging? Well..keeping my wife company. She's working late with an important assignment.

Goodnight :0)

Sunday, May 20, 2007


It's strange what you do during weekends, really.

I'd imagine the ideal weekend to include resting, some outdoor activities (e.g. roller blading, bicycling, running, lying on the beach, volleyball etc.), cooking good food, reading a nice book and generally taking it easy. But what do you do..not that anyway (at least not to the extent you'd want, or with the mindset you'd like to have).

I'm reading a good book at the moment, called "A Passionate Life", which really summarizes what weekends (and other resting periods) should be like, or maybe why they are important and what attitude we should have regarding them. It says that you shouldn't really rest from work...it's all about working from rest. Which makes a lot of sense actually. And THAT'S what weekends should be all about, because I believe it's only by following that principle that we can really be productive in other areas of our lives in the long run. Be it then at work, at home, at soccer practice or in our studies. God's so smart!

But what do we do? We search for master's thesis subjects all weekend, or we work for an upcoming deadline, or we bring our job home since we didn't have time to finish it last week at work (where we're paid to do it).

I pray we get more time this summer to do nice things during the weekends.

We actually did go for some roller blading today :)